RV Tips: 4 Spring Cleaning Tips

If you’re getting ready to hit the campground for your first spring camping trip, these RV tips can help you to get your RV prepared for the road. We’ll go over the basics for cleaning your RV and getting it looking like new before you head to the campground. Learn more expert RV tips at A&L RV Sales.

Only Use RV Safe Products

The temptation to use household cleaners on tough stains on your RV’s roof can be strong, but using something as gentle as Dawn dish soap can strip the sealant from your RV’s exterior. If you’re trying to clean your RV’s roof from mildew or leaf stains, get an RV-safe cleaner to use or try a soft sponge and warm water.

Dry Washing

One of the best ways to keep your RV clean is through dry washing. You can find kits on Amazon for around $200 that will help you to keep all the supplies you need for cleaning your RV safely and without risking damage. These kits contain sealant safe products, soft cloths for cleaning, and more.

Wash the Bug Goo Off ASAP

Any time you drive your RV, it will get bug splatter on it. You should wash this off as soon as you get home to prevent the goo from wearing out your gel coating. It should come off fairly easily with some warm water and a little elbow grease.

Wash and Wax Regularly

Maintaining the gel-coat on your RV is easier when you routinely clean off the grime. We recommend cleaning and waxing your RV’s exterior at least once a year. Regular cleaning helps to keep your RV’s gel-coat in great condition, which will slow down the aging of your RV and keep it looking like new.

If you’re ready to find an RV for your adventures, come to A&L RV Sales and shop our RVs. Contact us today for more information.

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