RV Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Your RV Clean at the Campground

Spending time at the campground shouldn’t be wasted cleaning your RV inside and out. If you are ready to take your Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite travel trailer out to the campground but want to keep it clean while you’re away, these RV tips can help! We’ll show you the best ways to cut down on the dirt and mud that gets tracked inside during your stay. gray slippers on rug

Get a Good Outdoor Rug

As a full-time RVing mom, I’ve had a lot of experience with dirt! Our current location has gravel for the campsite, so it has helped cut down on the amount of dirt and grime, but we still end up sweeping every night. We have found that having a good outdoor rug makes a huge difference. My personal favorite kind of rugs are plastic straw rugs because they don’t hold water or dirt, and they are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport.

Outdoor blanket
Alternatively, this outdoor rug is a great option if you have kids. Find them at Walmart and Walgreens during the summer months.

Pack Slippers for Everyone

Another great way to cut down on dirt is by not allowing shoes in the house. We’ve found that keeping a pair of slippers for everyone by the door helps keep our floors cleaner. Additionally, we keep a couple of outdoor slippers or flip-flops at the bottom of our RV stairs for everyone to use when they’re making a run to the bathhouse.

Hiking boots
No shoes inside the RV!

Indoor Rugs

Before I bought my current rugs, we used towels on rainy days to help reduce the mud or water that was tracked inside.  Now, we have several woven cotton rugs all over the living room.  These are great because they can be thrown in the washer when you get home and line-dried.


Buy a Hand-Vacuum

One of the gifts we received last Christmas was a hand-held, battery-powered vacuum. This little device has been a great addition to our small collection of cleaning supplies. It makes it easy to get crumbs out of the cupholders, pick up dirt that’s been swept up, or get under the cabinets and slides for a thorough clean. I highly recommend getting one for your RV.

No matter what your camping plans are this year, you’ll love having an RV that stays clean and fresh during your vacations with little effort. To find the right RV for your adventures, contact us today at A & L RV sales. 

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