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Side profile of Brinkley Model Z 3100

New Brinkley RV Inventory

Shoppers in and around Greenville, NC can find new Brinkley RVs at our A&L RV Sales location in North Carolina. Brinkley RV is an all-new RV brand that aims to recreate the RV experience for both dealers and customers. 

Why Choose Brinkley RV?

While the Brinkley RV brand is new, the experience of the brand’s team is anything but. Focused on the relentless pursuit of the ultimate customer experience, the ownership team is composed of some of the most experienced RV veterans. With many having 20-plus years of experience building the most successful brands and companies in the industry, Brinkley RV brings industry-leading design, customer-focused care and RV innovation.

Brinkley RV is attentive to what you want in an RV, with a two-fold promise: customer feedback is strongly considered when developing floorplans, implementing new features and cutting-edge technologies to meet customer needs, and the brand pledges to tweak the product based off of personal experience, living the lifestyle alongside the customer.

A promising formula that is meant to produce customer-driven RVs, this is only the beginning of Brinkley RV. 

Brinkley Brands

With Brinkley being a newer brand, expect new RV models to trickle into our A&L RV Sales inventory. The Brinkley Model Z 3100 is the first official product from the brand, catering to many different RVers as a midsize luxury fifth wheel.

The Model Z 1300 features an automotive exterior with a residential interior, complete with 7k axles, 17.5 H-rated Cooper tires, flush floor slides, and a 79.5-inch interior bedroom height. 

Shop For New Brinkley RVs at A&L RV Sales

Brinkley RVs are available at A&L RV Sales in Greenville, NC. If you have any questions about a new or used RV, be sure to contact us today for more details and the next steps to follow. We look forward to seeing you at A&L RV Sales very soon!

New Brinkley RV Inventory